About ABA Nashville, LLC


Mission Statement

ABA Nashville is dedicated to improving the lives of children with autism and other developmental disabilities by providing educational and behavioral services that foster learning and independence.

Our Team

Kate Rauscher, M.S., BCBA

Founder, Kate Rauscher, is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She holds a Graduate Certificate in Behavior Analysis from the University of North Texas and received a dual Masters in Regular and Special Education from the University of Tennessee. She has over ten years experience providing ABA services to individuals with autism, with a focus in early intervention. Kate's past work experience includes developing and supervising school and home educational and behavioral programs, teaching preschool at a prestigious ABA based school, and conducting state wide trainings for parents and service providers. She has been involved with research in the following topics: video modeling, social stories, discrete trial teaching, joint attention, and generalization. In addition, she holds her teaching licensure in Special and Elementary Education.  She is a member of the Association for Behavior Analysis, Tennessee Association for Behavior Analysis, and the Autism Society of Middle Tennessee.

Dacey Carr, B.S.Sp.Ed Senior Therapist

Dacey Carr is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She holds a Graduate Certificate in Behavior Analysis from the University of North Texas and a Master’s degree in Psychology from The University of Phoenix. She has over ten years’ experience implementing ABA therapy for children with Autism, with a focus on early intervention. Dacey's past experience includes implementation of therapy with Behavior Analysis, staff training and evaluation, supervising and training of peer groups in a inclusion setting, parent training, development and implementation of lesson plans for inclusion classrooms and working as an 1:1 aide in a Special Education Classroom. She has experience in home, center based, and school programs and has worked with children from ages two-sixteen. Dacey is a member of Autism Tennessee and the Association of Professional Behavior Analysts.



ABA Therapists

Therapists have a minimum of a bachelor's degree in psychology, education, or other related field. In addition, all therapists have a minimum of two years experience providing ABA therapy to children on the autism spectrum. Therapists will implement programs as directed and supervised by a board certified behavior analyst.








  • T's Mom

    “Kate Rauscher is our "Miracle Worker". Our son T, was diagnosed with ASD at age Two and after researching all of my options, it was clear that there was only one therapy for our precious little boy, that was proven to help children just like him get better from this disability, and that was/is ABA. Only after a month of therapy with Kate, our son who was non verbal, non responsive to his name, nor showed any eye contact, (along with a list of other behavioral problems), was not only saying words that we had never heard before and responding to his name while looking us in the eyes, but we could see that sweet spirit we had been longing to see, come out in him. The frustration was already getting better and T was happier and ALIVE! I sit here crying as I write this, because I honestly don't know what I would have done/would do without Kate. T is turning 5 soon and besides some socialization skills that he still struggles with, you would really never know that he had any challenges if you were in the same room with him! Kate is not only our "Miracle Worker", but she is forever a lifelong friend and part of our family now! Our little T would never be where is he today if it wasn't for her. We are forever grateful for this amazing woman! “