What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis is the application of techniques based on scientific principles of behavior to improve socially important behaviors and decrease problematic behaviors to a meaningful degree (Cooper, Heron, Heward 1987)

Research has shown that intensive ABA is more effective at producing significant and lasting improvement in children with autism than other therapies.

There is more than 50 years of research showing individuals with autism benefiting from ABA therapy and it is the only treatment recommended by the U.S. Surgeon General.

It is also the treatment of choice endorsed by The New York Department of Health, The National Institute of Mental Health, The National Research Council, The Association for Science in Autism Treatment and The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

Outcome studies have shown individuals who receive ABA during the early intervention years can make amazing progress (significant increases in IQ) and in some cases children have become indistinguishable from their neurotypical peers.

The Behavioral Approach to Education:

  • Presents tasks in a comprehensive way
  • Reduces the extraneous factors involved in learning situations
  • Channels behaviors which are non-functional
  • Builds alternatives to maladaptive behaviors
  • Shapes complex social and communicative behaviors

Data is collected and graphed during each therapy session to monitor progress, assess teaching methods and guide the individualized curriculum for the learner.

ABA can be beneficial to people of any age.

Go the FAQ page to learn more details about therapy sessions.

What is a BCBA?

A Board Certified Behavior Analyst is a professional who has expertise in conducting behavioral assessments, interpreting data; developing and supervising behavior intervention programs.

Do BCBA's only work with persons with autism?

No, just because a person is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst that does not guarantee they have the expertise to work with individuals on the autism spectrum.

Is there an Autism Certification for BCBA's?

The Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB) had been considering an autism specialty certification, but have decided to no longer pursue the certification

What is the Autism Task List?

During the BACB's exploration of an Autism Certification they developed an Autism Task List to be used as a guide in determining what content knowledge is important for BCBA's in the autism field. Click here for the Autism Task List. 

  • Candy, M's Mom

    "Finding Kate and ABA was like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for our family! Our five year old son's behavior had become so unmanageable that we had even stopped going to church for fear of him hitting other children. Within just a short time with Kate he had experienced so much improvement that out neurologist thought we had finally put him on medication. We told him about ABA and he asked for Kate's card in order to refer other patients to her! We couldn't be happier with the leaps and bounds our little boy has made. Though he still struggles with academics, I can honestly say if given a choice between improvements in behavior or school work, I would choose his happiness and peace every time."