Tooth Brushing Desensitization and Generalization Part 2

Tooth Brushing Desensitization and Generalization Part 2

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About the Author

Founder, Kate Rauscher, is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She holds a Graduate Certificate in Behavior Analysis from the University of North Texas and received a dual Masters in Regular and Special Education from the University of Tennessee. She has over ten years experience providing ABA services to individuals with autism, with a focus in early intervention. Kate's past work experience includes developing and supervising school and home educational and behavioral programs, teaching preschool at a prestigious ABA based school, and conducting state wide trainings for parents and service providers. She has been involved with research in the following topics: video modeling, social stories, discrete trial teaching, joint attention, and generalization. In addition, she holds her teaching licensure in Special and Elementary Education. She is a member of the Association for Behavior Analysis, Tennessee Association for Behavior Analysis, and the Autism Society of Middle Tennessee.

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